Refugees and racism

This is an absolute denial to prevent any stain on my character.

I protested, foolishly, as it turned out, to my local football club, Dulwich Hamlet FC, who were collecting supplies for refugees in the Jungle camp, near Calais, in France.  The basis of my protest was that most of the Jungle inhabitants are economic migrants, not asylum seekers or refugees.  France is a safe country, one that will help those fleeing persecution, as are all European countries signed up to the UN, but these individuals see Britain as the the best country to claim asylum in, and some attempt to enter British shores illegally by lorry, train or ship.

I am absolutely appalled by what is happening in the Middle East, with the denial of basic human rights to food, water, shelter and education.  Alongside this, religion has been used to persecute innocents, and in some cases send them to their deaths.  Of course law abiding citizens should be allowed to leave their countries and wait until things get better, so they can help reconstruct their countries into fairer societies.

International law decrees that the refugee should claim asylum in the nearest safe country.  The nearest safe country to Syria is Turkey.  Yes, Turkey is overrun with asylum claims, and living conditions for asylum seekers are poor.  But that’s when we lobby governments to help Turkey cope with the influx.  We don’t encourage mass migration, as Sweden and Germany have done, illegally encouraging people to cross continents.

Some well meaning people in my area plan to take bedding to the Jungle and have asked DHFC for help.  This is such the wrong thing to do, because it encourages people to the area, and reinforces their reasons for being there. My criticism of the charitable efforts are on a political, economic and moral level, not one based in hatred.

I am a Humanist.  I cannot hate fellow humans, of any race, religion or culture. I take the mickey sometimes, but that’s because there absurdities in life. Besides, I cannot be bothered to put the effort into hating anyone. To be racist is to hate.  I don’t hate refugees and asylum seekers.  I don’t hate anyone.  People get up my nose sometimes but that’s all.

So, detractors, stop confusing my criticism of the TYPE of charity handed out to refugees for racism.  The two are not linked. The do-gooders need to rethink what type of help, proactive, no reactive, is needed for the European refugee migration. Handing out blankets in France is not the answer.  Mobilise, Organise, Lobby! And please, love requires less effort than hate.


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