If you can’t write about sex sensibly, please don’t bother at all.

Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2015

OK, here is my effort.  I am a mere amateur writer, but I’ve read a lot of Mummy porn and romance novels, coupled with my admittedly, limited personal experience.

Flora eyed James across the white linen table.  His dark eyes flashed jet, his brown hair somewhat ruffled but endearingly sexy. His jacket hung about his body just so, and she was dying to find out what was underneath it.  Her tight dress felt constricting, and she wanted out.

“James?” she asked.


“Would you like to take some fresh air?”

James raised an eyebrow. He took a careful sip of red wine.  He had waited so long to get Flora alone, away from her controlling husband.  Now they were heading for the divorce court, and James wanted to show her what is meant to be loved.  Flora deserved it.

James stood, and crooked his arm for Flora to take. They left the vast ballroom, inviting whispers as they went.  Isn’t that Flora, Matthew Collier’s wife? Matthew Collier, MD at Swan Oil? Who is her companion?  Flora didn’t care.  Let them gossip.

They stopped at the lobby. Flora turned to face James. They looked into each others eyes for a millennia, as if time had stopped still, or was going too fast. Flora felt breathless. “Come to my room,” she said.

He understood.  Holding Flora’s hand, he called the lift.  As soon as the doors slid behind them, James held Flora’s face and kissed her firmly, with love, with passion.  Flora responded, tasting James implicitly, feeling his hands move down to her back, her waist, her bottom.  Such desire she had never experienced before. She started pulling his shirt from his trousers, pushing her hands into his waistband, feeling his warm inviting skin.  He moaned.

The doors opened and Flora dragged James down the hall to her room. Struggling with the keycard, she finally managed to gain access.  James immediately threw off his jacket and shoes, kissing her face, her neck, her chest. Flora pushed James away, and in one smooth motion her dress was on the floor.

He stood, rumpled and transfixed, at Flora’s form.  Her neck was elegant, transposing her broad shoulders and magnificent tits.  Her waist nipped in and lead to a beautiful sloping bottom.  “You are beautiful,” he said.

Unused to such praise Flora suddenly became bashful. Slowly, she pulled off her La Perla bra and knickers, standing only in the high heels she wore in the ballroom. She approached James tentatively, undoing his shirt and peeling it off.  James kissed her again, this time taking in her tits. He sucked and sucked, causing her to moan.  She wanted him out of his trousers, but he stopped her.  “You need warming up first.” Flora didn’t know what he meant.  He smiled.

James lay Flora gently on the Egyptian cotton sheets of the bed.  He took off her heels, kissing her ankles, then continued up one leg to heaven.  He gently put a finger in her cunt, rubbing the inside slowly and carefully.  Flora felt a rise in her belly, calling her louder and louder. James opened up her labia slightly, then started to lick her vulva. On and on, this went, and the rising went on until Flora could stand it no more.  “I’m going to come!” she yelled.

“Please do,” murmured James.

From nowhere, a rush came to Flora’s head, her body responding violently to James’ touch, the intimacy of his tongue, rising up and overtook her body completely.  Flora yelled, and moaned and released.  Afterwards, her body subsided, and a feeling of peace came over her.

“Good?” asked James, who had his face next to hers.

Fucking amazing.” replied Flora, still panting. She turned to James and kissed him full on the mouth, tasting herself, tasting him. Her hands wandered down his belly, over the fine hairs that pointed to his cock.  She kissed him above the waistband, seeing a bulge where his cock was bursting to come free. James pulled her back up, taking her tits in his mouth, sucking, kissing, caressing. Then he forced her head down towards his trousers.

“You have to do something, Flora, or I will go crazy,” he whispered.

Flora undid the button and zip of James’ trousers and slid them off, then carefully took off his boxers.  His cock stood proud, red, but pleasing. Flora took it in her mouth, sucking, and licking, loving every moment. James moaned, his body started to buckle.  Flora stopped, and straddled him, rising and falling.  James pushed up with every thrust into Flora’s delicious body, wanting her to have him. 

But Flora had decided to make him wait a bit longer. She came off his cock, and fumbled in the drawer for a condom.  Putting it on, she then kissed him passionately.  “I want you to take me from behind,” she asked, “I’ve never done it like that before.”

James leapt off the bed.  He positioned Flora on the floor, her hips wide, her hands on the bed.  Pulling aside her bottom, he licked her cunt, her bottom, her labia, everything. Flora felt the rise in her belly again. James’s cock, still at full throttle, plunged into Flora’s vagina roughly from behind. Flora gasped, it hurt, but it was so erotic. James pulled out, paused, then plunged in again. Over and over, this went on for, until James could stand it no more.

He pulled sharply on Flora’s hair and whispered in her ear, “I will take you roughly, and passionately, and with all my love.” Flora was shocked. She knew he liked her, but had no idea of his true feelings. James pushed his cock inside her, in and out, pulling her hair.  Over and over, harder and harder, more urgent and passionate.  Flora felt pain, felt love, felt wanted.  James continued to thrust, and Flora began to come.  It overcame her once again, she yelled, she screamed, she could take no more.  James thrust a final time, moaning loadly, his crescendo of love filling her.  He grabbed Flora’s tits, rubbing her areola. Flora moaned, and they both collapsed ton the bed.

A moment passed.  Flora shifted to face her lover, and kissed him gently.  “That was wonderful, thank you.” she said.  James kissed her back. Their sweaty bodies moved over each other in symmetry. “I need a shower,” she added.

A look of mischief came over James’ face.  “Can I come?” he asked.




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