Hello Everybody!

My name is Tubemole and I live in London, UK.  I am in my late 30s, married, with an eight year old daughter.  I work for London Underground, which can be a dull subject for some, and of which I will avoid writing about too much.

I was brought up in the countryside outside Daventry, Northamptonshire but all of my family prefer the urban, as most of them live in towns or cities. My daughter find the countryside dull, to which I concur.  There is so much more to occupy my time in an urban setting. Cinemas, art galleries, parks (ie no green spaces with charging cows!), theatres, museums, and important historical buildings.  As finances allow, we take part in it all.

I also like reading, formerly fiction, but now as I get older, I like biographies and history books.  I like to go abroad, and try and fit in, rather than look like a tourist. I also like to bake, more out of enthusiasm than the end result.  My husband does most of the cooking, as I can burn water.

I suppose the main purpose of my blog is to highlight inequality in the UK and especially talk about my non-religious convictions.  I am in an atheist marriage, I am a card carrying member of the British Humanist Association (https://humanism.org.uk/) and I am bringing up a free thinker.  I firmly believe that we should get rid of Bishops sitting in the House of Lords and become a secular state.  I get so annoyed with how religion, philosophy and ethics are taught in my daughter’s school, or many schools, as they follow a national curriculum that ignores atheism. (My daughter currently believes in fairies.  It floats her boat, I won’t interfere.  But the NC do not allow teaching of the occult. Why?)

So that’s me. A water-burning, godless, nosy, travel spy.  If you like what you read, stick around.  If not, well let us part as cordial aquaintances.

Have a great day!


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